Rumor: Sacramento Kings Will Not Trade Bogdan Bogdanovic

In the wake of the Dewayne Dedmon trade, a league source says that the Sacramento Kings will not be trading Bogdan Bogdanovic before the deadline.

After making a trade earlier in the day, a league source has indicated that the Sacramento Kings will not be trading Bogdan Bogdanovic before the deadline on Thursday, according to James Ham of NBC Sports.

Bogdanovic was certainly the biggest name in the Sacramento rumor mill, and there were arguments for dealing him that made sense. He will be a restricted free agent this summer, part of one of the weakest free agent classes in recent memory. There are a handful of teams who will have cap room during the upcoming offseason, and there is a high likelihood that Bogdanovic will receive at least one lucrative offer on the open market.

There is also the Buddy Hield factor. The Kings just handed the five-year veteran a contract worth roughly $90 million before the season started. He started the first 44 games of the season and the thought of paying his backup anywhere from $55 million to $70 million just didn’t make a lot of sense.

But a lineup change just four games ago might have been just what both Bogdanovic and Hield needed. Since being relegated to bench duty, Hield has become more efficient and consistent. Bogdanovic seems to thrive a bit more alongside De’Aaron Fox in the starting lineup. This has solved the problem of habitual losing (for now), but will likely create a dilemma during the upcoming offseason:

Now that the Kings are planning to pay Bogdanovic over the summer, it might be Hield that they are planning on trading at some point.

Final Thoughts

The news of Bogdanovic’s non-departure comes just hours after the Dedmon trade, proving the obvious link between the two situations. The Kings freed up some, not a lot, of extra money to be thrown Bogdanovic’s way. The offers that he receives on the open market will obviously dictate just how much cash that Sacramento will have to match, and there may be other moves made before July 1st that can affect the situation.

As long as the Kings continue their turnaround, Bogdanovic will remain in the starting lineup. While he will certainly be helping Sacramento win games, he will also be running up his price tag should he continue to thrive in the starting lineup.

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For those of you who clamored against the thought of the Kings trading Bogdan Bogdanovic, congratulations, your nightmare is over. Sometimes, the best news is no news.