Kings: Dave Joerger Wanted Kings To Draft Luka Doncic

Dave Joerger reportedly wanted to draft Luka Doncic, which led to friction with the Kings’ front office, and his eventual firing.

Former Sacramento Kings head coach Dave Joerger was a topic of conversation on the latest episode of the House of Strauss Podcast.

Host Ethan Strauss was having a conversation with fellow Athletic writer Sam Amick who has covered the Kings and worked for the Sacramento Bee. The topic of Joeger and his unemployment were discussed, and Amick pointed to a few specific issues that ultimately got him run out of town. The young coach was unafraid to speak his mind, which created friction and unrest between him and the front office.

One of the things he was particularly vocal about: he wanted the Kings to draft Luka Doncic.

Full quote:

“The truth is, history is quickly shifting even more to be on his side, if I’m being honest. Part of the friction that he had last year was that he had wanted them to draft Luka, and there was frustration stemming from that.”

Amick’s information reveals some possible truths from last season. Perhaps Joeger’s refusal to give Marvin Bagley ample playing time was influenced by his disdain with the front office over the selection of the Duke big man. Bagley and his camp were publicly vocal about his lack of minutes on multiple occasions last season, which likely forced the hard-headed Joerger’s hand even further.

Strauss and Amick went on to discuss the issues that Joerger had with the Kings’ front office, namely Brian Williams, who is no longer with the team. The discussion was certainly centered around Joerger and his brashness, but the Doncic name drop is the quote that fans in Sacramento will hover towards.

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With every passing loss and disheartening on-court performance for the Kings, the calls for Luke Walton‘s job get louder. That sentiment is often coupled with a question as to why Sacramento would fire Joerger in the first place. The fact that he wanted the Kings to draft Luka Doncic will only further the immense loathing that fans have over the front office’s decisions.

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