The Sacramento Kings Are Not Going To Help The Lakers

Nice try, rumor mill. But the Sacramento Kings are not going to help the Los Angeles Lakers.

As the NBA trade deadline gets nearer and nearer, there will be a handful of rumors that will spiral around the basketball world. Some of this gossip will be somewhat accurate, others will be utterly ridiculous.

Not too long ago, a report got released stating that the Kings were interested in trading for Kyle Kuzma and that the deal would probably include Bogdan Bogdanovic. The report also said that more players could be included in the deal for both teams to agree. This is utterly ridiculous.

Why Ridiculous?

Not to say that Kuzma is a bad player, but trading Bogdanovic for him is ludicrous to me. Right now, the Lakers are one of the favorites to win the NBA Finals this season, and if the Kings were to hand Bogdanovic to LeBron James, Los Angeles’ chances dramatically increase. With Bogdan’s ability to play multiple positions, be a playmaker, and make perimeter shots consistently, he is an ideal complement to James and the Lakers.

Not only would Bogdan be a good fit for the Lakers, but Kuzma would be the opposite if he went to the Kings. Kuzma is a solid and young player who can create his shot and get rebounds, plus he can get better over time. But he is also someone that needs the ball in his hands to be effective. With the way Sacramento plays, Kuzma would make the offense stagnant, and defensively, does not pair up well with the Kings’ current power forward in Marvin Bagley.

Do not get me wrong, Kuzma is a promising talent. But if it is for the price of Bogi, it should be a hard pass for Vlade Divac.

Final Thoughts

As the trade deadline gets closer, more rumors will be released to the public. Although there is truth to some of them, there are also a lot of stories that are seriously fabricated. I am not denying that the Kings have some interest in Kyle Kuzma, but for them to actually say yes to a trade in which they would have to give up Bogdan Bogdanovic is crazy.

Not only does adding Kuzma make no sense in terms of fit, but Vlade would be gift wrapping a valuable asset to the Lakers. The style and skill set that Bogi possesses is a perfect complement when playing with a guy like LeBron James.

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If the Kings do end up giving the Lakers Bogdanovic, Los Angeles instantly becomes the top favorite for the championship this season. Vlade may have played for the Lakers before, but there is no way he is going to help them achieve their ultimate goal.

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