Sacramento Kings: Buddy Hield Signs 4-Year, $86 Million Extension

Sacramento Kings Buddy Hield (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Sacramento Kings Buddy Hield (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

The Buddy Hield saga with the Sacramento Kings front office is finally over.

The Sacramento Kings have signed Buddy Hield to a 4-Year Extension as reported by Adrian Wojnarowski:

What Does This Mean for the Future of the Kings?

Buddy Hield was the main player that the Kings acquired in the 2017 Demarcus Cousins trade. For the Kings, it was important to retain him because of his scoring mentality and his three-point prowess, and he is a big reason why the Kings won 39 games last season. The franchise also needed to do this deal because of their history of getting rid of their “core players” such as Mike Bibby, Kevin Martin, Tyreke Evans and Demarcus Cousins.

With the Hield signing, it keeps the core intact and allows for the Kings to focus on their ultimate prize, which is to make the postseason. They are keeping one of their best players happy, which is great for their playoff chances, as good team chemistry is one of the recipes for a winning team.

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Looking at the Deal

The contract first reported is a 4 year, $86 million deal, with the value upping to $94 million which is reliant on how well Hield performs. Reports have also said that the maximum value could be as high as $106 million. The deal looks like a very solid one for the Kings because the contract is based on merit. If he has the same type of season as last year, then the $86 million still feels like it might be a bargain.