Sacramento Kings: Analyzing The Team’s Veteran Big Men

SACRAMENTO, CA - JANUARY 11: Zach Randolph #50 and Kosta Koufos #41 of the Sacramento Kings (Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)
SACRAMENTO, CA - JANUARY 11: Zach Randolph #50 and Kosta Koufos #41 of the Sacramento Kings (Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images) /

This article will showcase my thoughts on what the veteran big men on the Sacramento Kings bring to the squad.

The Sacramento Kings have a couple of veteran big men on their current roster. These guys’ names are Zach Randolph and Kosta Koufos who are both currently in the final years of their contracts.

In this piece, I will give my thoughts on how both guys will perform this season, as well as how they will impact the rest of their teammates.

Zach Randolph’s Impact

Zach will be playing in his seventeenth season this year, and his second campaign with the Kings This was a great signing by Vlade Divac. Zach, or better known as Z-Bo, showed the young big men how the power forward/center positions are supposed to be played. Plus, the Kings would have lost a lot more games if Z-Bo was not there to lead them in scoring at 14.5 points per game, or when the team needed a clutch basket.

Zach has the ability to go into a crowded low post and somehow get a bucket. Randolph also has a solid three-point shot which still amazes me no matter how many times he does it. Because of his versatile scoring, Randolph helps stretch out the defense of opposing teams.

If Zach has a weakness, it would be on defense. Not that it is bad, it is just an area where he could be better. Offensive players get passed Z-Bo more than a coach would like to see. Z-Bo is not as fast as the younger version of himself but he is a lot wiser. He needs to pass on his knowledge to other Kings players.

Kosta Koufos’ Impact

With ten years in the NBA, Kosta brings the defensive side of the game for the young Kings to watch and learn. Kosta is a better defender than Z-Bo. He is going to play his game and stick to what he is good at.

No more or no less, Kosta sets a good screen for his teammates. Throw in the pick-and-roll and add a dash of nifty footwork with an array of hook shots and underhand flip shots, that is what Kosta gives you on offense.

On defense, Kosta is good at shutting down the paint. Kosta just steps on the court and does what a team needs him to do in order to get the win. If your team needs rebounds and stop penetration in the paint, Kosta is your go-to-guy to get those things done.

Kings fans, what are your thoughts on how the veteran bigs will perform for your team this upcoming year? To give us your opinions, feel free to comment on our websiteFacebook page, or Twitter account.