Sacramento Kings: Vince Carter gives dunk lesson to reporter

Sacramento Kings forward Vince Carter shares his dunking tips with a reporter, and it is a joy to watch.  Plus, will the Kings bring him back next season?

The Sacramento Kings front office and their fans were caught up with the draft over the past few weeks.  It started with scouting, speculation, and intrigue over who the Kings would select.  Ultimately, it ended with Marvin Bagley III joining the team as the second overall pick.

Plenty more was happening including former King now unrestricted free agent Vince Carter sharing some dunking tips with ESPN reporter Darren Rovell.  Luckily, Rovell posted a few videos on his Twitter account that are worth checking out.  Here is the first.

Video number two shares Carter giving him a few tips on how to dunk.

The videos were funny, although count me in as slightly jealous of anyone who gets to learn how to dunk from Vinsanity.

Does Carter return to Sacramento?

Carter played last season on a one-year $8 million contract with the Kings making him an unrestricted free agent.  Here is an in-depth look at Vinsanity’s free agency and if Sacramento should bring him back.  In short, it boils down to the front office’s assessment of the impact of Carter’s mentorship to the young players versus the minutes he takes away from them on the court.  He would be a welcome addition to the Kings next season for his leadership and knowledge.

VC turns 42 in January and has stated that next season might be his last in the NBA.  That is something else for the Kings to think about when signing him.

Final thoughts

Vince Carter is one of the best dunkers in NBA history, and he imparted some of his wisdom to Darren Rovell.  It is still amazing to see Carter sky and slam the ball home even to this day.  Hopefully, the Sacramento fans can enjoy it a few more times next seasons as well.

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