Sacramento Kings: Buddy & Bogi’s Vacation Adventures

Sacramento Kings’ youngsters Buddy Hield and Bogdan Bogdanovic have been spending quality time together this summer.

What makes a good NBA locker room are the relationships developed within it. For the Sacramento Kings, it is unknown how close the players are with each other looking from the outside. But it seems pretty clear to everyone that Buddy Hield and Bogdan Bogdanovic are the best of buddies.

Offseason Itinerary

Since the regular season ended for the Kings, Buddy and Bogi have spent quality time with each other. The adventure started in Los Angeles as the two attended the famous music festival Coachella for the weekend. To check out the details of that trip, click here.

Once Coachella ended, the two went their separate ways for a bit. But now, the two are united again. This time in Belgrade, Serbia, Bogi’s home country.

Based on Buddy’s Instagram account, he posted pictures of himself where the location was pinned in the Serbian city. Also, Buddy has posted an Instagram story where he and Bogi are in the car jamming to some tunes. Try to watch the clip before it expires.

Also, professional NBA photographer, Cassey Athena, posted a picture of Bogdanovic and Hield together in Serbia on her Instagram account.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is great to see Buddy and Bogi having fun together this offseason, while also being hilarious.

For the Kings, they have a ton of young talent on their roster. So if they are all able to click with one another on the court, expect their play to improve going forward.

That is why seeing the two guards hanging out is a great sight for Kings fans. If they can develop a great relationship off the court, they certainly can develop an effective one on the hardwood as well.

If relationships like Buddy and Bogi’s keep growing within Sacramento’s roster, expect the Kings to return back to relevancy soon.