Sacramento Kings Get The Second Pick & Fans Are Going Crazy

Check out how the Sacramento Kings community reacted via social media when they found out that their team will be selecting second in this year’s NBA draft.

Well, today was fun. That is if you are a fan of the Sacramento Kings.

The NBA draft lottery is officially over and the Sacramento Kings now walk away with the second overall pick in this year’s draft! This will be the first time ever that the Kings will have the second pick in the draft during the Sacramento era. The last time the purple and white had a pick this high was back in the 1991 draft when they had the third overall pick.

With the Kings leaving the draft lottery as winners, it definitely has left the team’s fanbase to go crazy in the social media world.

With that being said, listed down below are some reactions that the A Royal Pain team was able to gather up pertaining to today’s draft lottery results.


Final Thoughts

Today was a great day to be a Sacramento Kings fan. The Kings usually do get much luck when it comes to the draft lottery, but the Basketball Gods decided to bless the purple and white for a second straight year. TAKE THAT FOR TANKING!

In my mind, two players come to mind pertaining to who the Kings should select at #2. DeAndre Ayton and Luka Doncic.

Both players have high ceilings and can contribute right away in their rookie seasons, in my opinion. So whichever one is available at #2, the Kings should take no doubt.

Well, Kings fans. Give us your thoughts on how you feel about your team getting the second pick and who they should select with that pick. Feel free to comment on our website, Facebook page, or Twitter account.