Bruno Caboclo heads to free agency: Unlikely to return to Sacramento

Bruno Caboclo joined the Sacramento Kings via a mid-season trade.  He heads into free agency after the season, should the Kings re-sign him?

Bruno Caboclo made headlines on draft night in 2014.  He was the 20th overall selection, and ESPN’s Fran Fraschilla unleashed the phrase that is still synonymous with Caboclo.  You can view the video of ESPN’s draft telecast below.

That is still what Caboclo is best known for in NBA circles, and that is a problem four years later.  He has played sparingly in the league and enters restricted free agency this offseason.  The Kings own the rights after a mid-season trade, but should they invest in this young man?


Cabolco is 6’9 with a 7’7 wingspan.  The length and athleticism he possesses are what had people salivating from day one.  Youth is still on his side as he does not turn 23 until mid-September.  Caboclo is only about four weeks older than 2018 draft prospect and Duke product Grayson Allen.

Caboclo has limited on-court strengths.  He was a plus defender in the G-League each of the past three seasons (over a 107 game total sample size).  I wish I had more glowing things to say about him.


Caboclo struggles mightily on the offensive end of the floor.  He is a below average 3-point shooter, lacks playmaking ability, and sank 40.1% of his field goals in the G-League over 1,293 attempts.

There are plenty of weaknesses for this very raw (still) talent, but I think I made my point already.


Bruno Caboclo is still not NBA ready.  There is a reason he has 34 NBA games to his name and 205 minutes played over the last four seasons.  Caboclo is overmatched.  The Kings should not sign him this offseason.  To be honest, I doubt any team gambles on him at this point.  Caboclo likely heads overseas to continue to work on his game.

Final thoughts

Bruno Caboclo is a restricted free agent after the season, and the Sacramento Kings should let him head for greener pastures.  At his age, Caboclo may blossom into a role player in the NBA, but it appears years away.  Do not count him out, though.  Even if he signs overseas, Caboclo may be back on the NBA court in five years as a 27-year-old.  The length and athleticism will always be enticing to general managers.

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