Bogdan Bogdanovic’s Shooting Is Coming Along

CHARLOTTE, NC - JANUARY 22: Bogdan Bogdanovic
CHARLOTTE, NC - JANUARY 22: Bogdan Bogdanovic /

Bogdan Bogdanovic has been arguably the Sacramento Kings’ best rookie for many reasons. But his ability to make shots has not been valued enough.

I think it is safe to say that no one in the Sacramento Kings’ community is disappointed with Bogdan Bogdanovic’s season so far. For the campaign, the Serbian star is averaging roughly 11 points, three rebounds, and three assists while playing 27 minutes a contest. As a result, he is considered the best rookie on the Kings (in my opinion) and has been selected to participate in the Rising Stars game which is scheduled during NBA All-Star weekend.

Bogdanovic brings a lot to the table for Sacramento. Mainly because he is an unselfish player who brings great basketball instincts and a veteran presence to the team, despite being a rookie. But in my mind, one aspect of his game that has not been appreciated enough is his ability to make shots.

The Numbers

So far this season, Bogdanovic is shooting 47% from the court and 39% from the three-point line. Again, this guy does not even have 50 NBA games under his belt.

As the season has gone on, Bogi’s shot has improved. Especially from beyond the perimeter.

Starting from October, he shot 50% from the floor and 30% from beyond the arc. In November, those numbers went to 43% and 33%. Then in December, 50% and 41%. Now with January concluding, he has shot 48% from the court and 43% from three for the month.

Final Thoughts

If you ask me, the ability to make shots is one of the hardest attributes to accomplish for NBA newbies. That is why it is mind-blowing to me that Bogdanovic is already showing great promise that his shooting stroke will be an asset for him going forward into his career.

But like I have said before, Bogi is not an average rookie. 

To conclude, it is just nice to see Bogdanovic and the rest of the Sacramento Kings’ youth improving as the season goes on. In the past, a lot more disappointment than satisfaction has happened towards the youth of the Kings, but this season looks like it is going to be different (fingers crossed).