Malachi Richardson out against Spurs with left ankle sprain

SACRAMENTO, CA - JANUARY 06: Malachi Richardson
SACRAMENTO, CA - JANUARY 06: Malachi Richardson /

Malachi Richardson missed the Jan. 28 game with a left ankle sprain.  We examine that news and possibility of Richardson finding a new basketball home.

The Sacramento Kings lost another young player to injury for the short-term.  Malachi Richardson picked up an injury that caused him to miss Sunday’s game.  Richardson sprained his left ankle and was unable to play against the Spurs.

Despite the youth movement in Sacramento, Richardson still barely plays.  Sacramento has played 13 games in January so far, and he has received minutes in just seven games.  Sunday was his first missed by injury too.  Richardson played a maximum of 19 minutes in a game this month.  Despite him being 22 years and in just his second NBA season, the Kings appear not to value his on-court contributions.

Finding a new basketball home?

Reports are everywhere that the team is shopping Richardson in trade talks.  It makes sense.  He rarely plays and is never a featured part of the action when out there.  It may be the best thing for the player at this point, but it is difficult to see another NBA team giving up much for him.  Richardson has played a total of 517 minutes in two seasons.  So at best he is an unproven young talent.  I do not see a trade being the solution here, but I have seen stranger things in my day.

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Final thoughts

Malachi Richardson missed Sunday’s game against the Spurs with a left ankle sprain.  Consider him questionable at best to face the Pelicans on Tuesday evening.  I still believe Richardson can be a role player on the Kings next playoff squad, so it will be interesting to see if he gets healthy what happens.  Does Sacramento trade him away and move on or play him more minutes and attempt to develop him?  Only time will answer those questions.

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