George Hill Responds To Emoji Fiasco


Last weekend, George Hill posted a tweet to the public which caused the Sacramento Kings community to spiral. He recently addressed the motivation behind the action.

After the Sacramento Kings were defeated by the Milwaukee Bucks Saturday night, George Hill posted a tweet that was heard around the world. Well, at least around the Kings’ community.

Listed down below is the tweet. A 26-character message solely consisting of angry emoji faces.

Once the message went public, it questioned where Hill’s frustration was coming from. Was it anger towards Dave Joerger giving more minutes to rookies De’Aaron Fox and Frank Mason III? The team’s constant losing? Frustration towards himself? Or all above?

Recently, Hill cleared the air on the reasoning why he sent the ambiguous message. According to his interview with the media, his motivation was based mainly on his frustration with himself this season.

Here is the video of him explaining.

My Thoughts

Even though I am shocked Hill sent the tweet last Saturday, there is no surprise for me to see him being frustrated with his play so far.

In my opinion, Hill was the best player for the Kings going into this season due to a combination of his talents and previous success. But now the nine-year veteran is posting career-low numbers (excluding rookie year) in points (8.9) and assists (2.4) averaged per game. As a result, there has been a gradual decline in Hill’s role with the team as the rookie guards have earned their way to take some of his minutes as of late.

In my opinion, there is still hope for Hill with the Sacramento Kings. He is on a roster who almost everyone is new to each other so it will take time for players to gel with one another. But hopefully, when chemistry starts to spark, Hill is able to be that two-way asset that he has proven to be throughout his successful NBA career.