How should the Sacramento Kings solve their small forward issue?

SACRAMENTO, CA - MARCH 27: Vince Carter
SACRAMENTO, CA - MARCH 27: Vince Carter /

The Sacramento Kings have a noticeable problem at small forward this upcoming season. How should the team play around with their roster to solve this issue?

After discussing the overloaded center position and how the Sacramento Kings could fix it, they also have another rotation spot of interest. The small forward position is one that took a hit before free agency started, and it still looks like it may be a problem. Currently, the Kings have veteran Vince Carter and rookie Justin Jackson at the position.

Let’s take a look at to what Sacramento can do!

Make No Changes

If the Kings opt to choose this route, it wouldn’t be smart. Only playing these two players at this position would not make much sense. Carter is 40-years-old, and we cannot expect him to lead this spot by playing significant minutes every game. Vice versa, we cannot expect the rookie Jackson to put up consistent points every game as well, at least not yet. He will still need time to develop, and Carter can help him with that.

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What I see the Kings doing is the obvious route…

Playing From Within

I don’t see the Kings trading for a small forward, and I definitely don’t see the Kings signing anyone either. But the Kings have enough depth at a particular position to help fill their void at the three.

At shooting guard, I see some players that could get some time at the small forward spot.

The first player would be Malachi Richardson. During this year’s summer league, he was the starting small forward until he got injured. If healthy, his 6’6″ frame and consistent shooting can be key for the Kings this season.

Another player that sticks out to me is one of the few veterans on the roster, Garrett Temple. Another player with a 6’6″ frame, Temple is a versatile defender that can also space the floor and lead the team. I doubt Temple gets playing time at the three, but he would make sense.

The last player I see that could get minutes as a small forward is the highest paid rookie, Bogdan Bogdanovic. Another 6’6″ frame with a tremendous skill set that would be fascinating to watch at the three.

A Two-Way Contract?

For those that forgot or didn’t know, the Kings do have JaKarr Sampson. A versatile 6’9″ forward, Sampson can bring in all of the energy a team ever needs. A solid defender and a player who never stops showing effort, Sampson can be another surprise player to get minutes at this position. It’s a long shot, but you never know.

The Wrap-Up

Kings fans, what do you think is a realistic way your team should solve the small forward problem? Using shooting guards at small forward could be an effective way to distribute minutes this season, in my opinion.

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