Sacramento Kings take your best shot: Garrett Temple

SACRAMENTO, CA - APRIL 9: Garrett Temple
SACRAMENTO, CA - APRIL 9: Garrett Temple /

A Royal Pain continues our take your best shot series with a look at where Garrett Temple takes his most efficient shot on the court.

The Sacramento Kings have experienced a ton of turnover in the last calendar year.  The Kings only have six players remaining on their roster that were part of the team during last season’s training camp.  Six of fifteen are all that are left standing.

If you go two years out, only Kosta Koufos and Willie Cauley-Stein remain on the roster.  It is impossible to be successful and turn the squad over that much year after year, so I hope for stability in the coming seasons.

Today, we focus in on one of the six returners in Garrett Temple.  Temple signed a three-year deal in the summer of 2016 and figures to return to his versatile role off the Kings bench this season.  We will examine Temple’s shooting in hopes of finding out where he attempts his best shot.

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Temple’s best shot

First, take a look at Garrett Temple’s shot chart from the 2016-2017 season below courtesy of NBA stats.

As you can see, Temple can shot the ball, but I have to admit it is an odd distribution.  He shoots better above the break than on corner threes.  Temple is also preferential to one side of the court.

I would argue he should shoot more 3-pointers next season.  He is above league average on all three of the longest distances.  Temple does not shoot a ton from straight on, so I would recommend heating him up on either side of that area.  Let Temple spot up there and watch him sink those shots at around 38% making for some quite efficient offense.

Final Thoughts

Garrett Temple needs to shoot more threes this season and help the Sacramento Kings spread the floor.  With the addition of De’Aaron Fox, the team will need floor spacing, and Temple can mitigate that deficiency.  That alone should be enough to earn Temple minutes, and that goes without mentioning his solid defensive play.

Stay tuned as we continue this series over the coming week.

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