Where To Let It Go?: Buddy Hield

SAN ANTONIO, TX - MARCH 8: Buddy Hield
SAN ANTONIO, TX - MARCH 8: Buddy Hield /

See which spots on the court Buddy Hield is efficient in scoring the basketball.

Throughout these next couple of weeks, A Royal Pain will analyze the Sacramento Kings’ roster to see where each player is at their most efficient shooting the basketball.

The player who will be evaluated in this piece is the second-year shooting guard, Buddy Hield.

Where To Let It Go?

According to the chart posted below, Hield had success shooting the ball from various spots on the court in his rookie season. The locations that seemed to be Hield’s favorites were around the paint, the midrange center area, and beyond the perimeter.

Mainly known for his perimeter shooting, Hield also displayed the ability to score close to the basket, making 54.9% of his shots, as he was low-key efficient in slashing to the hoop.

In the center midrange area, Hield made around 42.6% of his shots. The main reason for success in this spot was due to his ability to create a go-to fade away jumper that he showcased frequently during his time with the Kings.

Finally, the perimeter was where Buddy did most of his damage. From college to the pros, Hield had the potential to be a reliable sharpshooter in the NBA, and based on last season, he showed promise as he made 39.1% of his attempts from the area.

Although Hield recorded great numbers shooting from the baseline areas, he had small samples sizes from both spots.


Overall, the numbers show that Hield has the ability to be an efficient scorer from almost any area on the court. But his bread-and butter came from making shots in the paint, the center midrange area, and beyond the perimeter. Expect him to find success in those three locations this upcoming season.

After being traded away from the Pelicans, Hield showcased incredible shooting with the purple and white which have Kings fans thinking they finally have their sharpshooting two-guard for the future. Hield had great success shooting from multiple locations on the floor, but with his potential, he could be lethal shooting the ball from almost anywhere he wants.