Is Buddy Hield Destined For A Significant Jump Next Season?

SACRAMENTO, CA - MARCH 11: Buddy Hield
SACRAMENTO, CA - MARCH 11: Buddy Hield /

Will Buddy Hield take for a significant jump in the upcoming season?

Buddy Hield was a former standout shooter for the Oklahoma Sooners in his four-year tenure. Hield continued to implement various aspects to his arsenal year after year where he ultimately entered the 2016 NBA Draft and was selected sixth overall by the New Orleans Pelicans.

At the time, the Sacramento Kings had been keeping a keen eye on the former Sooner, but unfortunately, the eighth overall pick was not high enough to land him. Regardless, because the Kings were destined to complete the divorce with All-Star big DeMarcus Cousins, Vlade Divac and company decided to use the opportunity to land their heralded prospect.

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New Kid In Town

Although the initial reactions from fans were negative, Kings backers have grown to adore the former Oklahoma standout. Hield has shown deadly shooting as well as shot creating – something the Kings have been in great need of. However, as impressive as the performance from Hield was, it was only showcased on a 25-game sample size.

Despite the limited sample size, Hield’s play, along with age, leaves a great window for improvement. Many fans have already penciled in Hield as a favorite for the 2018 NBA Most Improved Player award, because of his great work ethic and dedication.

2016-17 Split Statistics


(via. Basketball-Reference)

The pairing in New Orleans was unquestionably a bad one for Hield; but lucky for Sacramento, Hield fit into Dave Joerger’s system like a glove.

2017-18 NBA Season

The 2017-2018 season will feature point guards George Hill and De’Aaron Fox – both willing passers. In layman’s terms, Hield’s usage on offense is likely to significantly increase which would equate to a drastic increase in basic statistics, thus leading to a greater shot at Most Improved Player honors.

In the final month of the prior NBA season, Hield’s usage rate saw a significant rise at 25.1%. He showcased signs of greatness by averaging 18.8 points and just above two assists per game for the Kings. (via Basketball-Reference)

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While Hield may never become a great playmaker, he has shown decent ability in the pick and roll offense. As the league moves towards the profound pick and roll, it only opens more opportunities for Hield and the Kings to succeed.