De’Aaron Fox Shares His Awesome Kicks To The Public

LAS VEGAS, NV - JULY 10: Sneakers of De'Aaron Fox
LAS VEGAS, NV - JULY 10: Sneakers of De'Aaron Fox /

Check out what type of basketball sneakers De’Aaron Fox showed off recently on his social media account.

Basketball and NBA fanatics enjoy the game of basketball due to the entertainment of playing and watching the game. Another aspect, however, is how great basketball sneakers can look on the feet of people who play the sport.

Not too long ago, Sacramento Kings’ rookie, De’Aaron Fox, received a new set of basketball sneakers and showcased the pair through his Instagram account. And at least in my opinion, they look pretty fresh.

The Shoes

Listed down below are the photos of the sneakers Fox recently received. In the photo, one can see that the shoes are a Kobe model design with a crazy colorway. The colors seem to be inspired by the popular anime television show, Dragon Ball Z.

Final Thoughts

The first reaction is the shoes look pretty nice. The Kobe model shoe has always been a popular design for basketball fans to buy and play in for quite a while.

However, when looking at the shoes initially, it was confusing. Because of the lighting, it seemed that the primary and secondary colors of the sneakers were purple and yellow, which would represent a Los Angeles Lakers themed shoe. And we can’t have that for a player that rocks with the Kings.

But after looking at the picture and reading various descriptions of the design, the “purple” is suppose to be more of a blueish color when seeing them in person, which represents a Dragon Ball Z themed colorway which is one of Fox’s favorite television shows.

Fox may not be able to show off these shoes on the NBA hardwood, due to the aesthetics not matching the Kings’ colors, but at least he’s got good taste in foot apparel.