Thank You, Darren Collison

PHOENIX, AZ - NOVEMBER 04: Darren Collison
PHOENIX, AZ - NOVEMBER 04: Darren Collison /

My thank you letter to now former Sacramento Kings’ point guard Darren Collison for the last three years he has spent playing for the Sacramento Kings.

To Darren:

When the news came out that you and the Indiana Pacers agreed on a two-contract worth $20 million, I felt both happy and sad.

Happy because you are a great player who truly deserved the contract you signed with the Pacers. Although I was surprised you didn’t get offered more. But sad at the same time because one of my favorite Kings in the last couple of years will be leaving California’s capital soon.

Darren, you signed your three-year deal with the Kings back in 2014, and during your tenure with the team, the franchise was dysfunctional. Through your three years in Sacramento, you have gone through four different head coaches, two general managers, and so many different teammates that it would give one a headache if you were to count. The Kings have been a true mess in the last couple of years, but you were always a bright spot that was found in the mess.

When you rocked the purple and white, you were the ideal demonstration of consistency. Having the role as a starting and backup point guard, you were able to average 14.2 points and 4.7 assists per game while shooting 47.9% from the floor and 39.8% from the perimeter. Those shooting statistics are incredible.

Your numbers don’t scream All-Star caliber, but they do shout efficiency. You were able to post these type of numbers on a gamely basis as you rarely had a bad game, giving Kings fans and I a sense of satisfaction knowing that the point guard of our beloved team would bring it every game.

Overall, the effort you brought to the hardwood every game was a pleasure to watch during tough times. Although the Kings didn’t achieve much during your tenure with them, you were always a silver lining in the franchise and a player I enjoyed watching every time.

Good luck in your new chapter with the Indiana Pacers, Darren! Thank you for production, hard work, and consistency you brought to the Kings for the last three years.


A fan