Free Agency: Dion Waiters Should Be Avoided

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

It seems as if Dion Waiters and the Sacramento Kings have some interest. It really doesn’t make any sense and the Kings should avoid him at all costs.

The free agency rumors are spreading and this time an unusual name is linked with the Kings: Dion Waiters. The Miami Heat player became a more common name this season with clutch shots in the fourth quarter while averaging 15.8 points per game in total. Not to snag anything from Waiters’ skills, but as to why the Kings have shown any interest baffles me.

A player of Waiters caliber and age (25) is going to command a ton of money.

According to Bleacher Report’s Instagram post, a $60 million payday waits for Dion. Yes, you read that right. SIXTY MILLION DOLLARS. The NBA market is so crazy nowadays that a guy who’s coming off his best season with a 15.8 point average with injuries issues is awaiting a $60 million payday. Some team will eventually give Dion that big pay day, but please basketball gods, Vlade Divac, or whoever I have to pray to, make sure that team isn’t the Kings.

The Kings cannot afford (well they can) to pay so much for him. It just wouldn’t make sense to cash in on a guy they do not need.

Why cash in on a player which plays a position that is stacked? And by stacked, I mean stacked. Buddy Hield, Garrett Temple, and Malachi Richardson are enough shooting guard talents for one team. Bringing in Waiters (who is too small to play the three) will take away playing time from the trio, especially Hield and Richardson.

The Kings need to avoid Dion and I cannot stress that enough. He’s not worth the big bucks or taking playing time away from our developing guards. Sorry, Dion, you’ll get that crazy contract somewhere. Just hopefully not in Sacramento.