NBA Free Agency 2017: 3 power forwards targets for the Sacramento Kings

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(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

NBA Free Agency 2017 has kicked off, and the Sacramento Kings are meeting with a few power forward choices. Here are my top three ideal targets.

Free agency has commenced, and teams are off to fast starts. The Sacramento Kings are approaching this period with more of a relaxed approach. They are not and won’t be making any panic moves. Instead, they are looking for players that will mesh with the youngsters quickly. One position of interest is a power forward. Skal Labissiere should be the starter, and rookie Harry Giles is not expected to make a tremendous contribution his first season.  The Kings could use a reserve who can eat up minutes and mentor the young talent at the position.

With the Kings having meetings with some power forwards, here are my three most ideal targets, starting at number three…

3. Patrick Patterson

Remember this guy? Patterson has rumors abound that he is coming to Sacramento in a move that could be good for both parties.

His numbers surely are not mind blowing as Patterson averaged 6.8 points and 4.5 rebounds per game off the bench in Toronto last season, but that is what the Kings need. They are not searching for someone to start over Skal Labissiere, but instead, they want a player to back him up and mentor him.

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Patterson is active down low and can hit the three, making him a valuable asset as a stretch four or even five if Sacramento wants to use a small ball lineup. The Kings can land him for cheap in today’s market as he isn’t much of a sought after free agent.

Let’s roll to number two…

2. Taj Gibson

Gibson is another player to meet with the Kings, and I find him interesting. I think Gibson is another solid backup to Labissiere, assuming he wants that role. That is my biggest concern for Gibson because he was just a starter for the Oklahoma City Thunder.  If he comes to Sacramento, he would seemingly be a bench player again.

However with that aside, Gibson is a hard-working big man. He can tussle with other bigs in the paint or step out and hit mid-range jumpers. On defense, he brings a rebounding presence and is a proven capable two-way player off the bench.

Gibson would no doubt be more expensive than Patterson, but he would be a valuable asset to this rebuilding Sacramento squad.

Finally at number one…

1. Zach Randolph

My last ideal power forward is a big one. A fantastic role model on and off the floor, Zach Randolph is the type of player Sacramento would love to have.

His age does bring a cause for concern (35-years-old), but that doesn’t mean he cannot produce. Last season, Randolph averaged 14.1 points and 8.2 rebounds per game for the Memphis Grizzlies. If he settles for a backup role here in Sacramento, I would no doubt love it. If there is one mentor I want for big Skal who is a free agent right now, it would be Z-Bo.

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He is another big body down in the paint and has a plethora of finishing skills that most other power forwards do not possess. The fans surely would love Z-Bo to come to Sacramento so let us hope it can happen!