Sacramento Kings: Peja Stojakovic Exclusive Reddit Interview


The Sacramento Kings three point shooting legend recently did an exclusive Reddit interview. Here are the details below. You can see the full AMA here.

Awesom567: Hey Peja, what bitter feelings do you have about the 2001-2002 WCF against the Lakers?

Peja: It was a tough break for us. I can’t say I’m bitter, but I just felt that we were the better team and we weren’t able to close that series. We can look back on the things that we had not done right. That was definitely the series that haunted us individually and collectively. Even though we moved on, we all felt those type of opportunities did not come often.

Davidib17: What was going through your mind when you made that insane behind-the-back pass to Bobby Jackson across the court? Was it simply out of supreme confidence, or did you kind of just throw it to see if it would work?

Peja: Honestly, I think it was a risk with that pass. I felt at that moment that I could make it and I took the risk. It worked out! Had I done it in the past? No, I had not!

Waimang_NINJA: Peja, having you on the Mavs was amazing. Congrats on the title. My question is who was your favourite team mate over the years and who are you in most frequent contact with now you are off the court?

Peja: I have many of them. The players that I played with on the Kings team…everybody on that team. I played with Vlade who’s obviously from the same country, that was a relief for me since I was coming from overseas and not able to speak very good English. Later on, I played on so many good teams with so many great teammates it wouldn’t be fair to just narrow it down.

Wkle: Hey Peja, I’ll be visiting your country this summer. Any tips on what I’ absolutely need to try food-wise?

Peja: Everything is delicious. I’m sure you’re going to have a good time! The city of Belgrade in Serbia has been voted the #1 entertaining city in Europe, so I’m sure you’ll have a good time.

Shamsofthesharingan: As a shooter, who was the defender that gave you the most trouble?

Peja: I can’t say what defender, I can say a team. I always had trouble scoring against San Antonio. They always found a way to take the easy things away, so we had to work a bit extra just in order to take the shot. Bruce Bowen on those teams, he was a very focused defender.

Skinsballr: Hey Peja! Thank you for doing this AMA.
In your opinion, who are the five greatest NBA players you have ever faced?

PG: Steve Nash
SG: Kobe Bryant
SF: Dirk
PF: Tim Duncan
C: Shaq

Etiolatezed: Hey Peja! I am curious about your first year in the NBA with Sacramento. How different is the NBA now from the state it was in then? And did you ever feel lost during your first year?

Peja: It’s been 18 years since my first year and some of the rules have changed, but the NBA has always been loaded with talent. Back then there were a lot of good players, a lot of superstars. Today, there’s so many talented players as well that represent our game in the best possible way.

Seeseanyawn: Hi Peja, big fan of you and those early 2000’s Kings teams. Do you still keep in contact with any of your teammates from then?

Peja: Now that I’m back I do. Some of the guys work for the organization, some live in the area. For some period after I stopped playing I hadn’t honestly been in touch with too many of my former teammates. It’s great to be around each other and reconnect.

MitsuharuMisawa: Hey Peja, was there any significance to the number 16 that you held throughout your career?

Peja: Yes. The reason I picked #16 is because it was my first number when I played in Europe. The numbers that people could play with were only #4-15. So when I was 13, I joined a team at a local club in town and I was the youngest on the team and they gave me #16. Someone literally asked to print the number 16 and I went with it.

Macsinsac: How excited are you for the arena downtown? What helped you become a top shooter in the NBA?

Peja: I’m really excited. This city and this team deserve this arena. I think it’s going to be great and help the city and the arena. It’ll work so well for this city.