Ten Takeaways: The Sacramento Kings’ Season Opener

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Bear down folks, the next ten games might get a little rough. In the first of one of many tough matchups we’ll see within the following weeks, the Sacramento Kings hosted the Los Angeles Clippers in their final home opener at Sleep Train Arena.

After three quarters of sub-par basketball, too many turnovers, and sluggish ball movement, the Kings came within inches off pulling off a comeback victory against a stacked Clippers team. Inevitably they fell short in the final minutes and the Clips beat the Kings 111-104.

As many have already noted, the game featured several positive notes for the new-look Kings, some of which I have highlighted below. Bear in mind: these takeaways are based on visual evidence only, from my own two eyes. If you have the stats to refute my claims, by all means, please share.

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