Post-Preseason Roster Battles

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So What About James Anderson?

At the same time, it’s hard to justify not giving Anderson at least a few minutes each game. Not that James is actually entitled to any specific amount of playing time (he spent last season in Lithuania) but, at least for the first few games, his preseason play has earned him an active role. Karl’s sentiments suggest as much.

But, if Karl starts Ben and backs him up with Belinelli, where and when does Anderson see time? The starting five is all filled up, with Omri Casspi serving as Sacramento’s reserve small forward.

Not to mention Caron Butler, whose style lends well to either forward spot, depending on various in-game factors.

That answer could come in the form of small-ball units where Anderson functions as Sacramento’s small forward, while a guy like Rudy Gay, Casspi or Butler plays the power forward position. This way, the 6-foot-6 Anderson allows Karl the option to move shooters to the four, without compromising size at the three.

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