Vlade Divac Cleans House In A Big Way


Day one of free agency was slowly drawing to a close and Sacramento Kings fans were wondering why their team has not made a single move. Then…

Wow, this is a lot to take in. Let’s first start off with a standing ovation to the one Mr. Vlade Divac; so much for a guy with no front office experience, Vlade just made the Sacramento Kings a name involved for every free agent, now that the team now has money to work with.  Now we can move on to the trade. No expected to shed either Carl Landry or Jason Thompson’s contract, but no one fully expected the team to be able to relieve themselves of both of their contracts.

The team was able to create this cap room at the expense of Nik Stauskas, their 2014 No. 8 overall pick. Rember, “one, two, three, Nik Rocks!” The Kings is now expected to pursue Rajon Rondo, Wesley Matthews or Monta Ellis with their newly found wealth.

Adding these names, with their high-level talent, to a team consisting of DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay. In the words of Sacramento Kings play-by-play analyst Grant Napier, “If you don’t like that, you don’t like Kings basketball!”

*On a side note, the questions of whether or not Willie Cauley-Stein will be the teams starter come opening night I believe have now been answered.

The Kings have been preaching that they want to win and win now. With this move the Kings now have the opportunity and the money to build this team into the team they want to become. If your asking for a personal opinion, I say Matthews and Rondo should be at the top of the Kings list, but Ellis is a player they have been linked to for years and wouldn’t surprise me if he is the one in a Kings uniform.

Nothing is imminent, so buckle up, and enjoy the ride.


So more news on the Kings trade has just surfaced, while writing this piece, and still the logic for the Kings to do this trade is still intact. It does not say the Kings are losing any of these picks that they have given up. The words protected and swapped are the words you have to look at.

The protection on one of the picks are not quiet clear yet, but the swapping of the picks are simple, if the Kings lets say get the second pick in next years draft and the Sixers get the third; Philly has the right to “swap” picks. This in my eyes is a great trade and a smart move, because even with the protection the Kings don’t expect to be having a lottery pick with the team they are trying to assemble. Free Agency day one, gotta love it!