A Royal Round Up: NBA Mock Drafts 3.0


The NBA Mock Drafts continue to roll in, with the less than a week until the 2015 NBA Draft. Thursday will be here before we know it and the Sacramento Kings will have a new player or maybe a few new players depending on what happens. Lets take a look at the latest expert mock drafts and see where the Kings could go with 6. Some of the names are familiar, like Emmanuel Mudiay and Willie Cauley-Stein . However a new name appears this week, Mario Hezonja. He is player Kings fans probably know about, but he is a player that hasn’t been picked by the Kings in most mock drafts.

Emmanuel Mudiay – PG

Height: 6’ 5” Weight: 196 pounds

Chad Ford – ESPN

Chad Ford has a familiar name heading to the Sacramento Kings in his latest mock draft. Emmanuel Mudiay is a talented point guard that has the potential to develop into a superstar at the next level. As Ford puts it, “The Kings have needed an elite point guard for some time and I think if Mudiay is on the board, it’s going to be hard for them to pass. On talent, he’s a top-four pick and is a major upgrade over Darren Collison at the point. “ Collison could move to the bench and run the second unit, adding much-needed depth to the Kings roster.

Gary Parrish, Zach Harper and Sam Vecenie – CBS Sports

Parrish, Harper and Vecinie are all in agreement that Emmanuel Mudiay is the pick for the Sacramento Kings. Vecenie believes, “This would be the absolute best-case scenario for the Kings. Mudiay would be an absolutely perfect fit for the George Karl‘s pick-and-roll heavy, uptempo offense. Plus, point guard is something of a need, and Mudiay’s size could allow the Kings to play some interesting dual point guard lineups.” Harper wonders if the Kings look at Willie Cauley-Stein to pair with DeMarcus Cousins, like some have suggested but feels “his athleticism is too special to pass up.”

Steve Kyler and Alex Kennedy – Basketball Insiders

Another mock and another selection of Emmanuel Mudiay. This pick feels like a typical Sacramento Kings pick. Seemingly every draft has one player that for one reason or another, seems to slip past where they “should” go. Mudiay feels like that player this season. In past years it has worked out, like with Cousins. But in other years it hasn’t been as successful, Thomas Robinson comes to mind. Mudiay may fall into the Cousins class, but falls because of the unknown.

Our very own Raf Wong broke down Mudiay and his potential fit with the Sacramento Kings.

Willie Cauley-Stein

Height: 7’ 1” Weight: 242 pounds

Joel Brigham and Moke Hamilton – Basketball Insiders

Brigham and Hamilton both believe it is Willie Cauley-Stein who will be the pick for the Sacramento Kings come Thursday night. He is everything that many have said he can be. On defense, an elite rim protector that has the ability to switch on almost every position. On offense, he can play near the hoop, finishing alley-oops and being and clean the offensive glass. He can step out on occasion and a mid-range jumper.

Raf Wong took a look at Cauley-Stein and his potential fit with the Sacramento Kings.

Mario Hezonja – SG/SF

Height: 6’ 8” Weight: 200 pounds

Jonathan Givony – Draft Express

A new name enters the players that have been selected by the Sacramento Kings in a mock draft. The Kings seem to be in a win now mentality which makes this potential pick a curious one, especially with Willie Cauley-Stein still on the board. In the latest mock draft on Draft Express. Cauley-Stein goes 11th to the Pacers. A move that makes sense for a team that could lose Roy Hibbert this off-season. Hibbert has a player option and could look to play elsewhere next season. Hezonja is a talented wing that can play both shooting guard and small forward. Hezonja seems to be the prospect with the widest range of potential outcomes. He is a talented shooter that has the potential to develop as an all around scorer. His defense isn’t where it needs to be yet, but the potential for development.

Kevin O’Connor – SB Nation

Kevin O’Connor is with Givony on the selection of Hezonja. He believes “Vlade Divac has said he will look to draft the next Peja Stojakovic for the Kings. Maybe that player is Hezonja, a potential go-to scorer who has perfect mechanics on his jumper and the ability to drive to the cup and dunk over anyone.” If Hezonja can be the shooter Stojakovic was with more athletic upside, he might become the steal of the draft. He may be the pick for a Kings team that is still desperate for shooting.