A Royal Prospect: Devin Booker


Devin Booker

Height: 6’ 6” Weight: 206

Devin Booker is a member of the impressive Kentucky Wildcats roster but has the potential to be the best pro behind Karl-Anthony Towns. In a league that craves players who can shoot and shoot well, Booker could vault himself in Junes’ NBA Draft.

He has the ideal size for a starting shooting guard, at 6’ 6” and 206. His size allows him to attack the cup and take contact, even against bigger bodies. His game sets him up to have the ability to step in and impact a NBA roster immediately. Booker can rise and shoot over his opposition and has the ability to get his shot up in a multitude of ways. Whether it is off of a catch and shoot or create his own shot off of the bounce, this prospect can flat out score.

Booker doesn’t have ideal athleticism for a shooting guard. He is not lightning quick or have the ability to simply jump over defenders. He does posses an ability to recover on defense and use his size to contest shots. He can also fight through screens. Im curious to see if his defense is as strong when he doesn’t have the rim protection behind him like he had during his time at Kentucky.

Looking at Bookers numbers you will not be blown away, but that can be said for all the Wildcat prospects. Often they would utilize a platoon system bringing in 5 new bodies on a rotation. But he produced when called upon.

Booker has one of the widest ranges of any prospect in this draft. He could go in the top 5 or 6 picks to team that values shooting or he could fall out of the lottery to a team that is looking for a role player who can contribute next season.

As for where the Kings might value Booker, i wouldn’t be surprised if it was rather high. The Kings may look at Booker in this years draft. I know what you’re thinking, they just took two straight shooting guards, there is no way they take another. Their roster is by no means set. If they feel Booker would be an asset they could take him at 6, then look to move one of the other guards this summer. They could easily send Nik Stauskas or Ben McLemore away in a sign and trade deal. Maybe the Kings and Orlando Magic do a sign and trade that sends Stauskas to Orlando, a team in desperate need of shooting. In return the Kings land Tobias Harris, a restricted free agent that could make sense next to Rudy Gay in the short term and work as a potential replacement going forward.

Much could change between now and June 25, but the Kings have a lot of options to check out. It will be very interesting to see what this summer has in store for the roster and the organization as a whole.