A Royal Mock Draft 2.0: Sacramento Kings target a new name

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16. Boston Celtics

18. Kevon Looney while raw, can be an impact player for the Celtics next season. He can provide front court depth and help protect the rim. Something the Celtics need desperately.. Power Forward. UCLA. Kevon Looney. 16. player

17. Milwaukee Bucks

89. Kelly Oubre makes a ton of sense for a Bucks team that loves long players that are able to switch almost everything. Khris Middelton is also a potential free agent that could head elsewhere this off season. Oubre could fill his shoes nicely.. Small Forward. Kansas. Kelly Oubre. 17. player

18. Houston Rockets (from New Orleans Pelicans)

Notre Dame. Jerian Grant. 18. player. 169. The Rockets were in a major hurt this year after starter Patrick Beverly got hurt. Grant is a guy who can get his own shot and create for others. Something that nobody currently on the roster outside of James Harden can provide.. Point Guard

19. Washington Wizards

player. 142. The Wizards take Bobby Portis here. Portis is highly athletic and has a strong offensive game. Portis averaged 17.5 points and 8.9 rebounds in his final season with the Razorbacks. He can provide depth in the front to help Nene and Gortat stay healthy.. Power Forward. Arkansas. Bobby Portis. 19

20. Toronto Raptors

The Raptors are in an interesting spot and they have the potential to ship off some pieces this summer or not retain players like Lou Williams. Hunter could make a ton of sense for the Raptors. He can provide scoring off of the bench and at 6’6″, he has the ideal size for a guard at the next level.. Shooting Guard. Georgia State. R.J. Hunter. 20. player. 81

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