Three Kings of the Night: The Long and Winding Road Edition


The Sacramento Kings were coming off a huge win at home on Saturday night, but on Monday, the Kings were embarking on a long and winding road to test their new found resolve. Well, let’s just say the Kings are still on a long and winding road.

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Is taking a step back in 2023-24 inevitable for the Sacramento Kings?
Is taking a step back in 2023-24 inevitable for the Sacramento Kings? /

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  • The Kings could not sustain the momentum on the road against the backsliding Brooklyn Nets, who stymied the Kings offense after the first quarter, and continued the exploitation of the Kings horrible defense. Sometimes I wonder; “why did the Kings get rid of Michael Malone?”

    It’s a question we are all asking ourselves right now, but before we dwell on that, let’s give out the Three Kings of the night, shall we?

    One King- Darren Collision

    Collison netted 16 points and eight assist in this losing effort, but it is now being questioned as to whether or not he is the long-term answer at point guard?

    Two Kings- Rudy Gay

    Gay gets Two Kings here, as he once again played the perfect Robin to Batman, leading the Kings with 25 points, grabbing nine rebounds, and five assist. He is proving that he was indeed worth that extension.

    Three Kings- DeMarcus Cousins

    And the Three Kings of the night once again goes to our man main Boogie, as he had yet another double-double, (24 points, 13 rebounds) but once again, he could not deliver a road win the Kings had to have, which also put the spoils on this monster dunk over Mason Plumlee:

    Naughty King of the Night- Tyrone Corbin

    Ty Corbin has signed a contract to be the new coach of the Kings for the rest of the season, and this was a bad move, considering his failings in Utah, and how the Kings defense has went off the rails ever since he took the helm. Last night, Corbin’s game plan seemed ill-fitted, and the Kings suffered their fifth straight road loss because of it.

    #SacramentoProud Tweet of the Night

    Our #SacramentoProud tweet of the night comes from Thomas Dodson, who throughout thus miserable stretch the Kings are in right now, he is still keeping the faith, like we all should. And if you don’t like this tweet, you don’t like Kings’ basketball.