Three Kings of the Night: The Free Fall Edition


Boy, oh boy, oh boy, have the Sacramento Kings fallen on hard times? The Kings can’t win without DeMarcus Cousins, they can’t win WITH Cousins. They fired the one coach who was getting through to them, and promoted a coach that in all honesty, has no business being a coach. It’s just been a free fall from grace.

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Is taking a step back in 2023-24 inevitable for the Sacramento Kings?
Is taking a step back in 2023-24 inevitable for the Sacramento Kings? /

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  • Another disturbing trend that has popped up from the Kings is their inability to win at home. With their game tonight against the Knicks, the Kings would wrap up a stretch where they would had played 12 of their last 14 games at home. You know what the Kings home record is during this stretch?


    That is not how you take care of home court advantage, and this could be the stretch that see the Kings, who were once thought of as dark horses to get a playoff spot, fall right out of playoff contention.

    After last night’s pathetic loss to the Suns, this song got stuck in my head:

    Yep, it’s like that. But despite the Kings inability to play defense, there were some standout performances from last night, and we award them in what we call the Three Kings of the Night. So let’s get to it, shall we?

    One King- Reggie Evans

    If it wasn’t for Evans, the Kings probably would had been blown out by 30 points. But he provides the heart and hustle that the Kings currently lacks, and his 11 point, 16 rebound performance confirms that.

    Two Kings- Derrick Williams

    Another heart-and-hustle guy for the Kings, Williams has been a revelation for the team off the bench. Williams poured in 16 points and snagged five rebounds. But unfortunately, his points and rebounds didn’t come when it mattered.

    Three Kings- Darren Collison

    And the Three Kings of the night goes to Darren Collison, who led the Kings with 19 points, but he didn’t distribute the ball, and the offense grinded to a halt because of that. That tells the tale of the Kings night against the Suns right there.

    Naughty King of the Night – Jason Thompson

    The Kings pitiful defense was a close second, but Thompson is truly making a case for himself that he needs to be traded after this season.

    Looking Ahead:

    So where do the Kings go from here? The team needs to salvage something from this stretch, and it needs to start tonight against the woeful Knicks. Sure, they have Carmelo Anthony, but they don’t have anyone else, and the talent level of the Kings should easily boost them to victory at home tonight.

    But I have said that so many times, and the Kings have let us down so many times, that I’m starting to feel like Pinocchio. I’m a real boy!

    Nevertheless, the Kings should have a strong performance tonight against the hapless Knicks.

    My Prediction: Kings 106. Knicks 88