Three Kings of the Night: The Low Point Edition


There comes a point in the season where teams have what is described as a “low point” loss. It is that loss where a team suffers a loss to a team that they should not be losing too. It is an embarrassing feeling, and last night, the Sacramento Kings had such a loss.

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Is taking a step back in 2023-24 inevitable for the Sacramento Kings?
Is taking a step back in 2023-24 inevitable for the Sacramento Kings? /

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  • There was no way that the Kings should had lost to the lowly Pistons. Even without DeMarcus Cousins, the Kings had the talent and depth to take care of a Pistons squad in shambles. But this was one of those moments that perception didn’t trump reality, as the Pistons held the Kings offense lifeless, and the end result was low point loss.

    The loss to the Pistons showed just how far the Kings have fallen ever since Cousins became ill. This was their low point, and there is nowhere to go but up for the Kings. Usually, this is the time where I announce who the Three Kings of the night are, but not today.

    There is no King on the roster that are worthy of the Three Kings, as the entire team stunk. This is the end result of a low point loss – it is a loss where no honor can be salvaged.

    So instead, we will jump ahead to this segment of the Three Kings column:

    Naughty King of the Night – The entire Sacramento Kings Roster

    Yep, the whole roster landed in this spot, as the Kings put up a lifeless performances against a team that won’t even sniff the playoffs this season. It was just a poor performance all around, and this is what the Kings deserve after this loss.

    #SacramentoProud Tweet of the Night

    Our #SacramentoProud tweet of the night goes to Chris Williams, who twitted this lovely picture of the place we all call our second home! And if you don’t like this pic, you don’t like Kings’ Basketball.