Sacramento Kings Rumors: Deron Williams headlines a list of players could be calling Sacramento home


For me, its not a matter of if the Sacramento Kings make a splash between now and the trade deadline but for whom. The Kings front office have already shown a willingness to take on any contract, even the ones that are perceived to be too expensive. If the Kings feel they can acquire a talented player without giving up future assets they will do so.

For this reason, Rajon Rondo doesn’t seem like a fit like some are suggesting. It would likely require the Kings to give up a future first round pick in addition to current players likely including Ben McLemore. The Kings would also be making this deal without any assurance Rondo would commit long term.

A few names do stand out as pieces that could make sense for the Kings and likely wouldn’t cost a ton to acquire. The Kings have a handful of expiring contracts including Rudy Gay that could be moved. McLemore could also be made available in the right deal.

Deron Williams

Deron Williams seems like a player that will end up wearing a Kings uniform between now and the All Star break, assuming the Nets aren’t contending for a top four spot in the Eastern Conference, they could look to move its point guard, who is making 20 million dollars plus the next three seasons. The Nets have serious cap issues and moving Williams would be a good step towards resolving those issues.

The Kings are desperate for a point guard who can be a facilitator and has the ability to score when needed. The longer term, high dollar contract is less than ideal but if he can return close to his former all star level, could see the Kings flirting with the playoffs in a very tough Western Conference. If the Nets demand a future first for Williams, the Kings may hesitant to pull the trigger.

Roy Hibbert

The Indiana Pacers lost their MVP candidate and team leader this off season, when Paul George went down with broken leg in the Team USA scrimmage. This injury will sideline him for the entire season and consequently put the Pacers in an interesting situation. Will they blow it up, in an effort to restructure the team around Paul George? A trade of Hibbert or David West could assure the Pacers in the lottery and place them in a position rebuild around George.

Hibbert is entering the final year of his deal with the Pacers, making just under 15 million this season. He would provide low post scoring and give the Kings the rim protector they need. A front line of Hibbert and DeMarcus Cousins would be a tough match up for most Western Conference foes.

If they play well together a contract extension could be worked towards, and if it is a total nightmare, they can let Hibbert walk and have a ton of cap space.

Amar’e Stoudemire

Much like Hibbert, Amar’e Stoudemire would be an interesting acquisition for the the Kings. He hasn’t been the same player since left Phoenix. Stoudemire has been improving and is putting his injuries behind him. While on the defensive side of the ball, the new front court would be less than ideal, offensively they could be fun to watch. Both can play inside and out, allowing them to play together and with other bigs in the rotation.

Stoudemire’s contract will expire at the end of the season, freeing up $20 million dollars from the Kings salary cap if he was not a good fit. If he worked well with the Kings front court, they would likely be able to sign him a much more team friendly deal.