Sacramento Kings Trade Targets


While the idea of Kevin Love coming to Sacramento would be incredible and I love the fit with Kings, the idea of a long-term relationship between Love and the Kings doesn’t seem realistic. The Sacramento Kings have trade chips including the 8th overall pick and expiring contracts that have them poised be real players in trade market. A few names stand out as possible trade targets.

Al Horford

Al Horford has 2 years and 24 million remaining on his contract. He is a legit all-star that would be excellent next to Demarcus Cousins. While Al Horford missed most of the 2013-2014 season with a torn right pectoral muscle, he is expected to be fine for the training camp. Horford is a do it all big man who is typically a power forward but has played center for the Hawks mostly due to need. If the Kings could move the 8th overall pick to the Hawks for Al Horford they should run to get it done. Hawks GM Danny Ferry is attempting to rebuild the Hawks roster and Horford would be the final piece from the old core. He would be able to use their current pick at 15 and the Kings pick at 8 to build a new core in Atlanta. This trade makes a ton of sense for both sides.

Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward is another player that would seem like a logical fit in Sacramento. He is an athletic wing that can score and has the ability to finish at the rim. Hayward is a restricted free agent and would likely have to be moved via sign and trade but the Kings could figure out a way to get it done.The Kings could make the selection at 8 for the Jazz, then after July 1, The Kings could move that player and something else for Hayward. Hayward could play next to Rudy Gay, assuming Gay pick up his option. If Gay departs Hayward can slide over and play next to Ben McLemore.

Arron Afflalo

While Arron Afflalo is not the sexiest name, if they Kings were able to acquire him they would know exactly what they would be getting. Usually the unknown is more compelling but Afflalo makes a lot of sense if the Kings are truly looking to avoid rebuilding and want to add a veteran piece. Afflalo is a lock down defender that can guard twos and threes. He is a better scorer that most think and has the ability to knock down three pointers. He would bring a professionalism and locker room leadership this team seems to lack at times. Afflalo make 7.5 million next season and has a player option for the following. The lack of a guarantee would scare me and I would likely want other pieces in the deal and Orlando taking back a contract. A deal involving Afflalo, Jameer Nelson (possible Isaiah Thomas replacement) and Tobias Harris for 8, Jason Thompson and Derrick Williams or Travis Outlaws expiring would seem to help both teams.

Greg Monroe

While I love the player more than the fit, Greg Monroe is a talented big man on team that seems to have two guys for one position. The Pistons lost their top 9 protected lottery pick, when Cleveland jumped to the number one slot in the draft. The Pistons seemingly would love to acquire a lottery pick for new coach and general manager Stan Van Gundy. Monroe like Hayward would have to come via sign and trade but doesn’t seem to far-fetched. The Pistons could try to move Josh Smith who has 3 years left at 14 million per season, but the likelihood of that happening seems bleak.

I am very curious to see how aggressive Pete D’alessandro and the Kings get this summer. I have heard many rumors involving them moving up, moving down or moving out of the draft. If they are able to land a major piece to add to Boogie and Gay next season could provide intrigue. It may make retaining Isaiah Thomas more enticing.