Recapping the Sacramento Kings trade for Rudy Gay

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"Can I start by saying DING DONG, JOHNNY SALMONS IS GONE. No matter how much you dislike bringing in Rudy Gay, we can always fall back on the fact that Salmons is no longer, and hopefully never will again be, a member of the Sacramento Kings. Anyway, Rudy Gay has been catching a lot of heat recently and I think some of it is for good reason. He’s shooting 38 percent and is doing so on 18.6 shots per game. Bringing in a player with such a high rate of usage and such poor efficiency seems like a bad idea for a 5-13 team. However, I do think that Gay has a lot to offer the Kings. First off, we have a small forward that’s actually, 100 percent someone who should be starting in the NBA. Also, I think Gay’s scoring ability, while inefficient at times, is something that the Kings could use to complement Boogie. This trade also really benefits guys like Isaiah Thomas, who will now be rightfully starting, and Derrick Williams, who can now either start at power forward or make for a great backup small forward. Not to be forgotten is acquiring Quincy Acy and Aaron Gray, two bigs that are hard-working guys that could really help bolster the front court with no more Chuck Hayes or Patrick Patterson. Overall, I think the Kings really didn’t give up much, with Patterson struggling to stay consistent and Vasquez’ defensive ineptitude outweighing his playmaking ability. I will miss, Chuck “Purple” Hayes, though, but sacrifice is necessary for success."