Sacramento Kings’ Derrick Williams trade recap, review, reactions

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"Initially, I’m very pleased with this trade. Luc Mbah a Moute was really growing on me as a solid starter at small forward, but I didn’t envision him being a good long-term solution for the Kings. Derrick Williams, on the other hand, has a really high ceiling since he is just 22-years-old and already in his third season. However, I’m also skeptical of Williams being able to be fully converted to play small forward instead of power forward. His size and skill set seem more apt for him to be at the three, but he also still lacks the defensive prowess to guard his opposition at that position.  Additionally, Williams doesn’t have much of a post game due to his lack of size as a power forward and he doesn’t seem to be very capable of creating offense by himself. Regardless of his work-in-progress status, I really think Williams can benefit from this change of scenery, even if he is going to a worse team. He brings a lot of pure athleticism and explosiveness to the table and I also have a feeling Mike Malone will really work with him to improve his defense this year. Though we’re still waiting to see what other moves Pete D’Alessandro has up his sleeves, this was a pretty great way to start. Overall, making this deal was one of those low-risk/high-reward type things, since Sacramento didn’t really give up a whole lot for a player who has the potential to be a building block for the future."