Steinberg: Sacramento Has Matched Seattle Offer For Kings, But Then Backtracks?


April 07, 2013; Sacramento, CA, USA; Sacramento Kings fans hold signs during the fourth quarter against the Memphis Grizzlies at Sleep Train Arena. The Grizzlies won 89-87. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

While members of the Sacramento Kings’ new potential ownership group have been quiet on the financial details of their plan, it appears California Senator Darrell Steinberg isn’t too worried about keeping his lips locked.

After NBA Commissioner David Stern said that the Sacramento ownership group needed to adjust their initial offer for the Sacramento franchise to meet that of the Seattle bid, rumors swirled as to what the ownership group would do. There was never any doubt that the offer would indeed be increased, but questions loomed as to how much and if so, would it be similar to that of the Seattle bid.

Well, according to Steinberg, it’s exactly like the Seattle bid.

KCRA’s David Bienick was told by Senator Steinberg today that the hopeful Sacramento ownership group has indeed matched that offer, doing so dollar for dollar:

"“Sacramento has made not only a fully competitive offer, but an offer that matches dollar-for-dollar the Seattle offer.”"

Steinberg, while not part of the ownership group, has involved himself deeply into keeping the Kings in Sacramento and has worked closely with the new group that intends to do so.

Steinberg also mentioned that the recent changes to the Kings’ potential ownership group have not altered the fundamentals of the constructed offer.


After the KCRA report, Sacramento business reporter Kelly Johnson says that Steinberg’s spokesman says that Sacramento has only made a competitive offer – damage control for a silly leak, most likely. Mmm, rumors – aren’t they fun.


Now Steinberg tells Ryan Lillis that he can’t disclose offer, but it’s as strong as Seattle’s offer – an “equivalent”, if you will (a suggestion that money may be less but similar to what goes into Maloof pockets from Seattle offer?):

"Sen. Steinberg tells me: I don’t want to get too precise here, but it’s as strong as the Seattle offer. It’s equivalent to the Seattle offerSteinberg says he knows Sacramento bid for #NBAKings but can’t share. Says it is “strong and fully competitive.”"


Carmichael Dave says the comments, while not expected from Steinberg, were and are accurate according to a souce:

"Being told by sources close to the negotiations that although Sen Steinberg’s comments were unplanned, they were in fact accurate."


Because this couldn’t get more confusing, KCRA now says source says the numbers weren’t accurate:

"Source tells KCRA 3 that Steinberg is wrong, that Sacramento did NOT make matching offer, “not even close.”"