Shocker: Another Major Media “Sacramento Fans Don’t Support Kings Franchise” Argument


Major media hasn’t exactly been kind to the Sacramento Kings nor to their fans during the relocation saga as they’ve continually butchered facts thanks to a lack of research as the drama has unfolded. And while there has been a small turn in the momentum that seems to have a bit more support for Sacramento as of late, the general consensus is to still trash Sacramento and their fans.

Take this recent video from CBS Sports which features Allie LaForce and Bruce Feldman talking Sacramento/Seattle relocation –  a video that like many before, slams Sacramento for baseless reasons:

I don’t know who Allie LaForce is but I do know she needs to do a bit more research on the subject.

LaForce digs in her heels (pardon the pun) that Sacramento can’t support a professional franchise, citing the recent attendance numbers as to the reason why. It’s an argument many have used in the media, namely because they simply don’t do their research and run with these imaginary ideas because they sound good.

Yes, attendance has been poor for Sacramento in recent years – nobody denies that. It’s understandable. Tickets are expensive. The product is bad and the fans were continually yanked around like a yo-yo from the ownership. Sacramento King fans are on their second relocation process in a few years and the area was one of the hardest hit in the country when the economy went on its negative turn.

However, when it comes to supporting a franchise, few can claim what Sacramento can. This is a city that has supported their team through thick and thin, continually selling out their arena historically despite annually bad teams. This is a city that holds the fourth longest sellout streak in NBA history at nearly 500 games, which featured another 350+ streak that began about a year later. Going back to 2007, Sacramento had sold out 873 of 922 games since they arrived in 1985. The numbers go on and on to support Sacramento and their fans so claiming that King fans don’t support their team because of a few lean years with outside influence is nothing more than an uninformed, straw man argument. If you want to find a reason as to why Sacramento doesn’t deserve a team, be my guest – but you’ll be stretching on any suggestion.

You can see Feldman (who sounds well informed) in the piece get ready to correct LaForce when she’s talking about the lack of support, but he opts not to for whatever reason – most likely for a lack of time or not to interrupt/embarrass. It’s nothing against LaForce personally, she seems educated on most things – it’s just that it’s an argument we’ve heard before, from far more than just LaForce and it’s not accurate.