Hilarious Old Interview From Sacramento King Owners Joe & Gavin Maloof


April 15, 2012; Sacramento, CA, USA; Sacramento Kings owners Gavin Maloof (left) and Joe Maloof (right) follow the action against the Portland Trail Blazers during the first quarter at Power Balance Pavilion. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

With the Seattle-Sacramento drama in full swing, tidbits of unflattering news about the Maloof family continues to emerge. The most recent and potentially, most ugly, of that news would be the suggestion from a current Sacramento Kings minority owner who says the Maloof family never intended to sell to Sacramento nor did they want to keep the franchise local.

Needless to say, the mud flinging continues to get more dirty by the day.

Speaking of the Maloof family and ugly, yesterday I was looking for an article on Joe and Gavin that I read years ago, however, despite my best efforts I came up empty. What I did come across though was a hilarious chat interview that both Gavin and Joe did for ESPN SportsNation during the 04-05 season. Among the interview highlights was Gavin Maloof calling his long term General Manager Geoff Petrie “Jeff” multiple times and of course, their continued blaming of the city for the inability to get an arena deal done along with trying to pawn off somebody else to pay for the potential arena deal (a local Indian casino). A lot has changed, huh?

Most hilarious though was their talk of fan support – more importantly – how they, as owners and business operators, needed to put the fan first:

"Everything we do in ARCO Arena takes our fans into consideration. They are No. 1. That’s what has kept us successful, that complete dedication to our fan base.Without the fans, we can’t exist so thanks for supporting the Kings and being so loyal to the franchise!Well, we’re really not focussed on any other cities. We love Sacramento and we plan on staying in Sacramento.The key is to always remember you customer and your fan. Nothing positve happens until you take care of your customer or your fan. We know how to cater to people. In fact, we enjoy it!"

That’s the key, everybody. Don’t you forget that. They enjoy it!


You can read the entire three page interview here.