Sacramento Kings: Coming to a Climax


Mar 5, 2013; Sacramento, CA, USA; Sacramento Kings fans hold a sign for Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
A tumultuous tumbling of oft times turbid emotions has covered the Sacramento landscape for two very long years. Every facet of fear, love, hope, and anger has pulsed within our veins, at one time or another, in what has become what seems like a never ending story to keep the Sacramento Kings here in Sacramento. But, it is not infinite, there is an end point, a coda, a finiteness, coming directly toward us like a meteor headed for Earth. The only question remaining – Will it slam into us destroying all of our hopes and dreams forever or will it pass by, leaving us intact, with our team?

None of us has a crystal ball; worse, it is out of our control. I suspect the latter is what may be creating a sense of pessimism for some people, right now. We are in the midst of a battle. There may be only one month for this to go on. It is imperative to stay the course and not lose hope until the end to provide Mayor Kevin Johnson the fuel he needs to carry on and lead the way.

Think of this as the end of a song, where the last note counts. While the lyrics tell a story, we want to increase the intensity as we near the end. The crescendo needs to build in volume to bring the people in the audience to their feet.

The Sacramento Kings saga, and it is a saga, it is a narrative about a city, about us, the fans in that city, fighting to keep a team we love so much from relocating to someplace else. It is a story about love. It is a story about passion. It is a story about people pulling together to send a message to the league, its commissioner, and the owners of NBA franchises across the nation. It is a pleading of one’s case. It is a fight. It is a group of people feeling desperation, but not surrendering to anyone. This has been a long hard road filled with starts and setbacks, thrills and anguish, hope and disappointments, and most assuredly betrayal from the very owners of a team, to whom a community imparted its trust and supported for so long.

This is not a time to allow fatigue and doubt to take over. We must remain focused. We are in the fourth quarter of the playoffs with only seconds remaining on the clock. Kevin Johnson has the ball in his hands. The game is tied. We are in the stands screaming, cheering him on. Make the old barn shake; let the world hear us bare our souls. There is one last game to bring our lyrics to the nation, to build the volume and intensity to be heard from coast to coast. That game HereWeBuy2 is Sunday, March 24, when the Sacramento Kings host the Philadelphia 76ers at Sleep Train Arena. Be there and let the world bear witness.