Recapping Sacramento Kings Here We Buy Night – Pics, Tweets, Player Reaction & More


February 9, 2013; Sacramento, CA, USA; Sacramento Kings fans hold up signs against the Maloof

Tonight was a special night. Sure, it was just the 51st game of another season marred with a losing record. But as you know – it was so much more than just another game.

As Scott pointed out in his recap, tonight was beyond special for those who bleed purple. Doubters will have their opinions on what will happen to the Sacramento Kings in the weeks and months to come, but this was our night. A night where fans could show their love for the city – for their fellow fans. A night where you, loyal King fans, donated thousands upon thousands of dollars for nearly 700 children to attend a Sacramento Kings game – many of them for the first time. A night where you, as fans, had a silly game between the Utah Jazz and Sacramento Kings tending across the country – like in San Diego, for example. A night where players – where coaches – where media, all came away impressed with what YOU did. You, Sacramento, you.

I’ll continue to add to this post as comments become available, but here’s reaction from Sacramento King players and more on just how special tonight was:

Tyreke Evans – Kings fans thanks for coming out tonight it was crazy in there tonight

Jason Thompson – Great Team Win vs Jazz On Night!!!! On to the Next Tomm…..

Marcus Thornton – S/o to the kings fans great energy in the building tonight

Blake Ellington – Marcus Thornton: “It shows how loyal the fans are, all this speculation going on they could have easily just packed it in.”

Blake Ellington – “They got us the win, they brought us energy…we were energized and we looked like a totally different team.” -Isaiah Thomas on the fans

Bill Oram – Honestly, the scene tonight in SAC was straight out of the climax of “Eddie,” the Whoopi Goldberg/Knicks flick.

SLC Dunk – I’m really sorry for this, but what’s happening to the Sacramento Kings right now is the opposite of what Kings fans deserve

Bill Oram – 15 minutes after game ends a couple hundred Kings fans still in arena chanting, “Here we stay!”

Bill Oram – 7th-year pro Randy Foye says, “I have never played here in Sacramento and heard a crowd that loud.”

Aaron Bruski – Kings fans making me fear for my life in the media room. Building shaking at the expiration of an 11-point game.

David Locke – Impressive passion from the Kings fans. No one should ever doubt Sacramento’s love of the Kings.

Kevin Johnson – That’s the way it’s done! Big W! Sac fans making it happen. It’s bigger than basketball

Jon Santiago – Marcus Thornton to @Announcer_Scott: “I love Kings fans”

Alec Burks comments from the Salt Lake Tribute:

"Utah Jazz guard, Alec Burks “It’s that college atmosphere,” he said. “College fans love their team, and it was like that.”"

Marty McNeal with DeMarcus Cousins and Utah Jazz coach and former King, Ty Corbin:

"“Their energy was crazy … nonstop,” he said. “They were into the game the whole game so they really helped us out. (We heard) it was going to be sold out and it was pretty much sold out. The fans were engaged the whole game.”“The fans here are super,” Corbin said. “It’s always been a great place to play. They don’t want to lose the team.”"

Ty Corbin to the Desert News:

"“Hopefully, it’s not (moving). It’s a great community,” said Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin, who played in Sacramento in 1995-96 during his 16-year playing career.“I think the fans here have really supported the team for a number of years. It’s a lot of jobs for a lot of folk. Just seeing the team leave would hurt a lot of people. It’d be an unfortunate situation if they do leave.”“I think it’s great (the Here We Stay night),” Corbin said. “That’s what these folk have done for a number of years with this franchise. They’ve always supported it, in my opinion.”"

Cousins also spoke to the Desert News:

"“That’s incredible. I wish it could be like that every night,” Kings center DeMarcus Cousins said. “With that type of energy in the building, we’re a tough team to beat.”"

We’ll have more comments/reaction as they come out in further updates…

Here are some pictures/video as well (Here We Stay chant towards end of video):