Sacramento Kings Saga: Which City Will Win the Prize?


Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Sacramento Kings saga is playing out faster than the time it takes for DeMarcus Cousins to get another technical, or as slow as waiting for the proverbial watched pot to boil, depending upon your point of view. Its all relative, Einstein would say.

Depending upon where you live or which news station you listen to, local or national, the odds the Kings remain in Sacramento are going to vary. National folk like to sound as though they know-it-all, with the all or nothing, black and white thinking. Nationally, the situation is seen as a “done deal” with the odds of the team leaving being about, uh, 100%. It just sounds better to say it that way with some attitude of authority. It makes better press.

Seattle fans would have said the same, about a week or so ago, trying to convince themselves and anyone who would listen to them that it was a “done” deal.That is probably what Chris Hansen and his group wanted everyone to believe, too. It is not a bad psychological ploy either. If you can make your opponent believe he is beaten, then he might just give in without a fight. If you can make everyone believe it is binding, because you go all-in by putting up a 30 million non-refundable deposit, then you are hoping to blast through any opposition by Sacramento, potential investors, and maybe the NBA Board of Governors.

While here in Sacramento, folks have believed the city and potential investors have a viable shot at keeping the team here. Mayor Kevin Johnson unveils whales, one named Ron Burkle, swimming toward Sacramento. People are rooting for the 7 percent bankruptcy-headed underdog to pull the rug out from under Seattle billionaires – for the little guy to topple the giant.

What are the odds for Sacramento?

The story continues to have more twists and turns than a ballerina trying to learn how to break dance. At this point there are several possible outcomes, each with its own chance of happening. Here are the primary ones, as I see them today.

* Best case: Sacramento buys team; team remains in Sacramento

* Worst case: Seattle buys team; team relocates to Seattle

* Neither: The issue gets bogged down in court

These are the three options in the poll today. These don’t include the possibility of an expansion team going to the city left holding the bag.