Sacramento Kings: Greg Van Dusen and His Group’s Plans


Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
SACRAMENTO – Greg Van Dusen, original Vice President of the Sacramento Kings, elaborates on his group’s plan to renovate Sleep Train Arena in Natomas, California, reacts to recent rumors involving the reported sale of the Sacramento Kings to Seattle group, Chris Hansen-Steve Baller, and confirms an earlier report by Rob McAllister, reporter for KOVR 13 and writer for Cowbell Kingdom, Van Dusen’s group’s interest in purchasing the Sacramento Kings. His plans have changed substantially from my talk with him back in September.

As Greg puts it,

"The rules keep changing."

Now his plans involve not only renovation, but include purchasing the arena, developing adjoining properties, and financing, without reliance on money from the city. The finished arena will look new and have a seating capacity of 18,500.

His group has widened their circle and if they need to, he is prepared to widen the circle to purchase the Sacramento Kings. He has been approached by other people, but did not want to reveal any names.

Greg foresees the next battle could be with Mayor Kevin Johnson, who has set his sights on a downtown arena. If Greg’s group buys the team, it would have to play out of Natomas. He points out access to games as one advantage Natomas has over downtown Sacramento.

As for the NBA, Greg believes it all could come down to which city, Sacramento or Seattle, gets the Kings and which city gets an expansion team. He believes NBA Commissioner David Stern is favorable to both cities. He does not see the renovation of Sleep Train Arena over the development of a downtown arena being a stumbling block to keeping the team in Sacramento.

He dismisses current rumors flying around the Internet that the deal is done between the Maloofs and Hansen-Ballmer group in Seattle. For him, the deal isn’t done until it is inked on paper.

He still thinks there could be other cities interested in acquiring the Sacramento Kings from the Maloof family. His endgame is a viable proposal…whether you keep the Kings or an expansion team. His development plan will create 2000-3000 jobs.

"It is about doing the best thing for our area."