Week 5: Losing to the Clippers in Epic Fashion


December 1, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

In a week of losing, the Kings ended it with a 35-point blowout loss to the Clippers. The only ones having fun were Clipper’s fans savoring each moment, watching as their team subjected ours to a humiliating defeat. Never has this team looked so bad as it did last night.

Games Played:

* Game 14, Tuesday 27th , Kings versus Timberwolves, Loss Wolves 97 – Kings 89

* Game 15, Friday, 30th, Kings versus Indiana Pacers, Loss Pacers 97- Kings 92

* Game 16, Saturday, 1st Kings at Clippers, Loss Clippers 116 – Kings 81

Player of the Week:

Francisco Garcia (32) Credit: Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

Francisco Garcia deserves recognition for coming into Friday’s game ready to contribute off the bench. He remains ready to help his team, even though he is rarely called upon. In 15 minutes on the court, Garcia put up 12 points on 5-7 shooting from the field, a .714 shooting percentage, 2 out of 4 three-point attempts, .500 3-point percentage. Garcia never complains, sulks, or makes excuses. He is my player of the week.

Miscellaneous Observations:

  • Virginia Beach continues to be that itch which irritates. No one has taken the community’s efforts to bring to Kings to their fair city seriously until now. They have nothing in terms of regional amenities to offer the team or the Maloof family over Sacramento – unless they are able to pull enough money out of the state coffers. If they can pave the way for the Maloofs to relocate without the family putting up one dime and allow the family to haul in revenue from everyone’s sweat except their own, they just might find the deal too good to be true. They wouldn’t have to sell the team. Heck, they wouldn’t even have to live in Virginia Beach. George can cash the checks from a penthouse view in Las Vegas, while the family can appease Gavin with chartered flights to VB to watch his beloved team play. They don’t even need to worry about managing the franchise, as they have an adept crew running the team into the ground.
  • Watching the treatment of Isaiah Thomas by Coach Smart has been painful. It seems as though Smart is sabotaging his young player, pulling him out of games, when he is doing well. I’ve seen the look of pain and betrayal on Thomas’ face. The timing of Smart’s substitutions seems more like he has been jerking him around, paying more attention to quota of minutes allowed than the actual play on the court. Thomas has not played as well this season, but I believe much of that has to do with Smart’s treatment of him. A good coach inspires a player, reinforces his successes, and lifts a player to want to work harder to please his coach. I have seen none of that. I have lost a lot of respect for Smart over his handling of his players, especially Isaiah Thomas. Some of the blame also belongs on the shoulders of Geoff Petrie. Where was the foresight when he signed Aaron Brooks? Clearly, he must have realized there would be a gridlock among the point guards for minutes. Was this a decision by Petrie and Smart to usurp Thomas’ starting position all along? Was the plan hatched when Fredette faltered in Summer League, performing below expectations? Surely, Petrie must have realized there was going to be a problem trying to carve up 48 minutes three ways.


4 W – 12 L; .25 win – loss percentage

The losses this week landed the team dead last in the Pacific Division.

None of us knows what lies ahead. None of us knows what part each of us can play in the eventual outcome of this team, if any.

We know the Maloofs want to leave town. They may not say it, but their actions do. We don’t know if they will sell the team. Virginia Beach could appeal to them, if only because they would not have to sell their team.

As long as the Maloofs are the owners this team is going nowhere.

Petrie needs to be fired. Coach Smart probably needs to be fired, too. Someone who really cares about putting together a competitive team needs to be hired. I don’t see any of this happening so long as the Maloofs are the owners. The best chance we have of having the team back is if the Maloofs sell to someone who will keep the team here in Sacramento. No other solution. The Maloofs have to go – leave or sell. Just go.