Week 4: Sacramento Kings Back on Course


Nov 24, 2012; Sacramento, CA, USA; Sacramento Kings point guard Tyreke Evans (13) attempts a shot past Utah Jazz center Al Jefferson (25).Credit: Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

Kings were able to float the ship to get back on course with two wins this week: A decisive win against the LA Lakers and a redemption win against the Utah Jazz.

Games Played This Week:

  • Game 10 Sun 11/18 Nets vs Kings @ Kings, Loss: Nets 99, Kings 90
  • Game 11 Wed 11/21 Lakers vs Kings @ Kings, Win: 113 Kings, 97 Lakers
  • Game 12 Fri 11/23 Kings vs Jazz @ Jazz, Loss: 104 Jazz, 102 Kings
  • Game 13 Sat 11/24 Jazz vs Kings @ Kings, Win: 108 Kings, 97 Jazz

Player of the Week:

Tyreke was outstanding, if not sensational this week. His court vision appears to have widened, defensive effort stronger, and he seems to be having more fun playing. All possible hints that he may still go on to have a great season. Here is a look at his average stats for the four games this week, taken from basketball reference. They may have a familiar look to them, from his rookie year.

21.25 points, 5 rebounds, 4.5 assists

Reke had additional statistics to spice it up, including his 9-for-9 free throws last night, one spectacular block, and some steals.

Miscellaneous Observations:

* Game of the Week: The win against LA Lakers was an outstanding team effort for the Kings with most players having strong outings. It is always great when the team beats the Lakers, but this one was delectable. Marcus Thornton led the Kings in scoring, while just about everyone in a Kings jersey came away feeling he contributed to the team effort, which pulled off a dandy of a win. Even Jimmer Fredette who only played 7 seconds, made a nice play for himself in that short time.

* Changing the Starting Lineup: Keith Smart switched his starting point guards, moving Aaron Brooks into his starting lineup, having Isaiah Thomas come off the bench. He also brought in John Salmons to replace James Johnson.  So far, the change appears to be working very well. It seems to bring out the best in Tyreke Evans, still allowing Brooks opportunities to make his plays. Salmons appears to be flourishing in the spot. He is playing better this season, making his veteran presence a welcome sight. Not sure how this will play out for Isaiah Thomas and Jimmer Fredette who will have to split the minutes. As the starting lineup, it looks like a winner.

Credit: Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

*Cousins Ejection: As all things, Cousins related, this has drawn considerable attention.It should not have come to this, in my opinion. The referee made a very questionable call on Cousins. For this to have led to an ejection is absurd. Oh, that’s right. This is the NBA, where absurdity happens.

That said, Cousins needs to learn that when he approaches a ref for an explanation, he might as well be lighting a fuse which will have the consequence to blow up in his face. Perhaps the team could practice some role-playing to figure out better ways deal with these situations. They can take turns playing the coach, ref, and player. The players can offer feedback and suggestions to each other.


4 Win – 9 Loss; .308 win percentage

Two wins this week help the team stay alive. The team showed they can still score some baskets, scoring above 100 points in three games, provided a boost to their offensive rating.  At least for now, the wins this week will quiet growing concerns and may give the team a boost of confidence moving forward.