Sacramento Kings 2012-13 Season Player Previews – Thomas Robinson


Say what you will about the Sacramento Kings “unlucky” bounces at the NBA lottery, but one place they haven’t been unlucky is the past few years at the NBA Draft. Starting with Tyreke Evans, the Kings have somehow lucked into the former Rookie of the Year, DeMarcus Cousins and now Thomas Robinson – all in the span of four years, the lone potential blemish coming last season with the drafting of Jimmer Fredette.

June 28, 2012; Newark, NJ, USA; Thomas Robinson (Kansas), right, is introduced as the number five overall pick to the Sacramento Kings by NBA commissioner David Stern during the 2012 NBA Draft at the Prudential Center. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-US PRESSWIRE

Both DeMarcus Cousins and Thomas Robinson somehow inexplicably fell to the Kings who ironically had the fifth selection in both drafts – two players who off of pure talent, could’ve been the number one overall pick in their respective drafts. A few seasons removed from the drafting of Cousins and he’s emerging as one of the league’s premier big men, something that just about everybody expects Thomas Robinson to do as well:

Scott – Hopes are high for Robinson, and in time, the rookie out of Kansas should form a formidable frontline duo with DeMarcus Cousins. As a rookie, T-Rob would be better served as the first big man off the bench. The Kings have nothing to lose by giving him 20-25 minutes a night, and his rebounding is already an NBA level skill. Against other second units, Robinson should be able to have some success offensively as he learns the nuances of the NBA game. It’s hard to expect huge numbers as a rookie, but the future is bright.

Marilyn – Thomas Robinson is expected to be one of the best draft picks for the Sacramento Kings – ever. He was a fortuitous drop into the lap of Geoff Petrie, who did not hesitate to pluck him at the 5th spot. It is anticipated that he and DeMarcus Cousins will form one of the most formidable frontcourt duos of the future. Whether this happens this season, remains to be seen. Robinson was considered one of the most dominant players in college. His NCAA stats for the 2011-12 season show he made an average of 17.7 points and 11.9 rebounds in 31.8 minutes per game. He came into the draft in excellent condition, at 5 percent body fat. He should be a very exciting addition to the team. He loves to grab rebounds, which could result in more fast-break plays for the Kings, and fewer second chance opportunities for the opponents. This could make for some very exciting basketball.

Bryan – If you ask Thomas Robinson how his rookie season will go, it would end in a Rookie of the Year award and as enthusiastic as that is, I just don’t see it happening. Don’t get me wrong, Robinson has all the talent needed to bring home that hardware, but he wont be force-fed the ball nor will he be given the floor time other rookies, like Anthony Davis, will be. That said – Thomas should have a fine rookie campaign, one that could eventually see him pass up Jason Thompson for the starting power forward job post All-Star break. With a relentless motor and passion for the game, it wont take long for Robinson and DeMarcus Cousins to create a nasty frontcourt. Like most rookies, there will be a learning curve and Robinson is not exempt, but it’ll be shorter than most.