NBA 2K13 Sacramento Kings Player Ratings & Classic Teams


As the premier basketball video game on the market (and essentially only after demolishing EA Sports’ NBA Live series), the annual release of the yearly title is met with great fan fare and this year will be no different.

The game, scheduled for release on October 2nd is just a few days away from ruining countless relationship to the games loyal and faithful followers and it appears, yet again, the Sacramento Kings will have a little bit of additional love. The Kings 01-02 squad along with the Golden State Warriors’ Run TMC bunch were featured as secret teams in the NBA 2K12 release, but if you didn’t pre-order or lurch around Ebay for a code – you were out of luck.

This year, 2K and Take Two have included the 2001-2002 Sacramento Kings once again, but this time, you don’t need a special pre-order code to play with – however – there appears to be a bit of a question as to who exactly is on the team. While star Chris

Webber was in the game last year, captured video suggests Webber might not have made the cut, potentially for legal reasons (players association, etc). Speculation says the video could also be an early build with a few glitches, so C-Webb may find his way in the game after all, but a Webb-less Kings team would certainly be a pretty big disappointment to any purple and black loyalists.

In addition to the classic Kings team, full player ratings were released – though again – the video which includes the ratings (and classic team) may be a bit off as some official player ratings released from 2K Sports don’t match up perfectly with their counterparts in the game video. Either way, the numbers are close and it feeds the addiction. Here are the 2012-2013 Sacramento King NBA 2k13 player ratings: