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Nostalgia Weekend – Sacramento Kings Jason Williams ‘White Chocolate’ Mix


When it comes to all-time favorite Sacramento Kings, there’s a good chance Jason Williams will be on the list of most black and purple loyalists. Sure, he had his head shaking moments – both on and off the court, but his Pistol Pete like moves brought flare and showmanship to a franchise that was deemed an NBA outcast. People wanted to see what Williams’ next jaw dropping pass would be – let us not forget it was J-Will who got Sacramento national exposure in his Nike commercials before CWebb ever did.

The flashy innovator whose playground style captivated so much of the basketball community loved running a Princeton offense on fast forward and we loved watching. In the late 90’s, you couldn’t go more than a city block without a #55 jersey being spotted – a jersey, that in Williams’ rookie year became a top 5 seller, sharing the stage with the likes of Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson and Shaquille O’Neal.

It was a short lived relationship though as Williams was moved to Memphis in exchange for Mike Bibby and Brent Price just three seasons into his career, with Bibby’s clutch play quickly taking over Williams’ love within the Kingdom. Although not nearly as smooth with the rock, the more consistent Bibby wasn’t forced to sit out entire fourth quarters of NBA playoff games because of a flashy, but often mistake-prone game.

Still – now a decade plus removed from his last game as a Sacramento King, few players outside of potentially Chris Webber, Wayman Tisdale or Peja Stojakovic would find themselves on more All-Time King lists than White Chocolate.