Rapper Pusha T Supports Sacramento Kings Relocation To Virginia


Well, it appears the Maloofs have one favorite in their corner regarding the rumored Sacramento King relocation to Virginia Beach.

Pusha T, one half of the rap duo Clipse and semi-recent signee to Kanye West’s GOOD music label is all ears to the rumored move. The Norfolk native and huge NBA fan sat down with SI’s Bryan Armen Graham recently to talk sports – covering a variety of topics, from his love of tennis, his desires about Serena Williams, how he’s tired of the musical chairs in NBA free agency and how he’d love to see the Sacramento Kings in VA:

"SI.com: The New York Times ran a story on Friday saying the Sacramento Kings could relocate to your hometown of Virginia Beach.Pusha T: I heard about it. I dont know if it’s true or not. Is it really true?SI.com: I believe so.Pusha T: The one thing that made me think that this is true, the Kings are run by the Maloofs, correct?SI.com: That’s right.Pusha T: Yeah, they’ve been trying to move the team for years. I would love to see a team come to the area. That would definitely boost my morale. Anything that’s homegrown I’m going to have an undying love for. Right now I don’t even have a favorite team in regards to football or basketball, but there are so many players from the area that I support. This would make it easier for me just to ride with the home team."

Pusha tends to give a politically correct answer – simply saying he’d love to see a team come to the area and avoids doing any serious harm to the Sacramento fan base, which was a nice gesture given the circumstances.

Sadly for the Mercy rapper, the rumors of the move are unstable as a drunk on stilts, so it seems like he’ll have to keep wishing – for now.