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From Allen Iverson To Isaiah Thomas, Reebok Banking Big On Kings’ IT Factor


Nike had Michael Jordan. Reebok had Allen Iverson. Sure, there were other players who wore and endorsed these brands – but for a period of time, they were the brands. During Allen

Iverson’s peak, you couldn’t find yourself at a court – be it indoors or outdoors, that wasn’t being overrun by multiple pairs. Everybody that was anybody had a pair of Iverson’s. The Reebok Question, Iverson’s most popular kick, made famous during A.I.’s rookie year when he crossed over the aforementioned Jordan was so beloved that Reebok re-issued it during Iverson’s time with the Denver Nuggets in a new color scheme – over a decade later.

Allen Iverson was the reason many basketball players wore Reebok, but after Iverson’s career began to falter and his game faded – Reebok appeared to fall behind Nike and Adidas, who overtook the once popular brand in the NBA circle.

Now, another pint-sized guard is destined to make not only Reebok once again relevant, but create his own iconic shoe.

Kings sophomore Isaiah Thomas, who had three different styles of his own Reebok’s last year, plans to hopefully market his own shoe in the future but for now is nothing but smiles given Reebok’s support to Mr. Irrelevant:

"“With Reebok’s support, the Kings and the Kings fans, they’ve really embraced me,” Thomas says. “Without them, I couldn’t be in this situation. They’ve helped me not only on court, but off the court as well.”"

When Thomas isn’t playing the role of Dad or finishing up college or holding one of his many basketball camps, he apparently finds time to get Reebok back into the NBA shoe game. A task that hasn’t been accomplished successfully since that other tiny guard did the same thing. And given Thomas’ successful track record and just about everything – it’s only a matter of time until courts across the world are filled with IT Factor’s.