Chris Webber And Rick Fox Share King/Laker Memories, Punches To The Face


Although it was just a silly, meaningless preseason game nearly ten years ago, for the Lakers and Kings – it meant so much more. Bad blood spilled over early in the first quarter of that Kings 93-88 victory, resulting in a fierce uppercut from Doug Christie that nearly sent Rick Fox’s jaw into orbit.

I’m sure we all remember this:

Needless to say, a decade later, all involved can look back and at least have some fun with it as Chris Webber and Rick Fox did on NBA TV tonight during the Kings/Lakers Summer League contest:

Of course, moments later, Webber ended the segment with a zinger. As Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak was finishing an interview where he and Rick Fox exchanged pleasantries about being “President of their fan clubs”, Webber jokingly said  “I am president of the Later hater club”.

How can you not love this guy?