Terrence Williams Leaving Sacramento Kings? Nicolas Batum Situation Worsens In Portland


First things first with current Sacramento King Terrence Williams, who lacks a contract for next season despite an apparent NBA ruling that will allow waived players to be given their early bird rights. Williams, who played in 18 games for the Kings last season showed flashes of the brilliance which made him the #11 pick in the 2009 NBA Draft, but it appears he may be looking for greener pastures after asking fans on Twitter what team he should play for next season:

"Where Should I Play Next Year…?…. Just know I’ll Be #55…. #wordaapp"

The “poll”, if you will, comes at an odd time, especially since Williams’ previous tweet was in regard to newest Sacramento King Thomas Robinson and a message that promoted “#KingsAllDay” although it was nearly twenty-four hours ago, which is plenty of time for something to take place in the world of general managers and agents – especially with free agency just over a day away.

While Williams probably could score a more lucrative contract elsewhere despite the red flags some may have towards him, it’s hard to think he wouldn’t get some hefty run with a iffy small forward situation in Sacramento – more then most other places. It appeared he enjoyed his small resurgence here, so maybe it’s something blown out of proportion or maybe he’s been informed he wont be tendered an offer. Guess we’ll see in a few days….

UPDATE – Williams has tweeted the following “Dont Read Too Much Into That Tweet. I would Love To Remain A King. A Year, Two or Five….That’s Just To Hear Fans Opinions..”

Meanwhile, all is not well in Portland as it pertains to restricted small forward Nicolas Batum. We’ve chronicled the MAJOR issues between the Blazers and his agent and they only seem to be getting worse by the day, now going as far as informing the Blazers front office not to contact Batum at all:

"Now, in an attempt to maintain leverage, Ndiaye has instructed Trail Blazers general manager, Neil Olshey, not to speak with Batum and he hasn’t done so since becoming the team’s general manager. Out of respect for Bouna, I haven’t spoken to Nicolas because it’s not right,” Olshey told CSNNW.com. “If he (Ndiaye) gives me permission to talk to him, I will. But, he wants to control the process and I understand that.”"

As previously reported, Batum’s agent has said they will sign the first lucrative offer they get, a contract Portland would be forced to match if they intend to keep Batum in the City of Roses. Despite the bad blood, it’s hard to imagine the Blazers letting Batum walk away but if there was ever a time to strike for Sacramento….